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January 18, 2009

How You Can Help LEAP

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How You Can Help LEAP

Current and former law enforcement members and concerned citizens can help LEAP by doing any of the following:

  1. Help publicize LEAP

    1. Alert law enforcement folks to LEAP’s website at www.leap.cc
      so they can learn the truth about the harms perpetrated on society by
      drug prohibition and about how to replace prohibition with drug control
      and regulation.

      Tell them of our powerful and respected Board of Directors…:

      • Mr. Peter J. Christ, Vice Director of LEAP, Retired Captain, Town of Tonawanda Police Department, New York, USA
      • Mr. Jack A. Cole, Executive Director of LEAP, Retired
        Detective Lieutenant, who served 14 years in the narcotic bureau of the
        New Jersey State Police, USA

      • Mr. John A. Gayder, Secretary of LEAP, Currently a Constable with a police department in Ontario, Canada
      • Tony Ryan Retired Police Officer from
        Sioux Falls, SD, USA

      And of our Advisory Board:

      • Senator Larry Campbell, former Mayor of Vancouver, British
        Colombia, Canada, and former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted
        Police, who served four years in their narcotic bureau)

      • Libby Davies, Member of Parliament – Vancouver East, British Colombia, Canada
      • The Honorable Gary E. Johnson, former Governor of the State of New Mexico, USA
      • The Honorable John L. Kane, US District Court Judge, Denver, Colorado, USA
      • Sheriff Bill Masters, Sheriff of San Miguel County, Colorado, USA
      • Dr. Joseph McNamara, former New York City Police Officer and
        Chief of Police for Kansas City, Missouri and San Jose, California
        Police Departments, USA

      • Mr. Patrick V. Murphy, former Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, USA
      • Mr. Norman Stamper,former Police Cheif of Seattle, Washington, USA
      • Mr. Eric Sterling, President, Criminal Justice Policy
        Foundation, Washington, DC, USA (a principal aide in developing the US
        Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 and the Anti-Drug Abuse Acts of
        1986 and 1988)

      • The Honorable Robert W. Sweet, US District Court Judge, Manhattan, New York, USA
      • Mr. Francis Wilkinson, former Chief Constable of Gwent Police Department, South Wales, United Kingdom
    2. Follow the progress of the war on drugs and our work to end prohibition at http://www.leap.cc/news/.
      Write letters to the editors and reporters of local and national
      newspapers and magazines about LEAP and our goals. Correct bad articles
      about drug policy and thank them for good articles. Explain that
      although we will primarily focus on United States policy, this
      organization can affect drug policy around the world since many
      policies in other countries are shaped and driven by pressures from the
      US. Be sure to CC info@leap.cc on emails you send and forward attachments to info@leap.cc of any documents you mail. It helps us justify ourselves when we ask for funding.

    3. Contact your elected representatives and tell them an organization
      of current and former members of law enforcement exists that opposes
      the war on drugs because in over 30 years it has done nothing but add
      to the problems of our citizens; an organization that wants to advance
      alternative policies of drug regulation and control that will save
      lives, reduce disease, lower addiction rates, lessen crime, and
      conserve tax dollars, by ending drug prohibition.

    4. Copy the LEAP Brochure and Mission Statement that are attached to
      this message and distribute them to members of law enforcement and
      policy makers.

  1. Help us schedule LEAP presentations and testimonies
    LEAP is an international educational organization. LEAP supplies
    articulate former drug-warriors to speak out against the war on drugs
    to schools, civic and fraternal organizations and testify before
    legislators. You can help us by asking organizations you belong to if
    they will book us for a presentation. Direct them to our web site or
    tell them they can contact us at speakers@leap.cc or info@leap.cc
  1. Donate to LEAP monetarily or with services
    LEAP is a tax exempt nonprofit corporation under the US Tax Code 501
    (c)(3). No speakers or board members in LEAP receive payment for
    services. We are volunteers. However, funds are needed for
    transportation and lodging when we send our speakers to the various

    1. Donation checks should be made out to "LEAP Educational Fund" and
      mailed to Jack A. Cole, LEAP, 121 Mystic Ave., Medford, MA 02155.
      Donations can also be made on our web site at http://www.leap.cc/donate.htm using PayPal.

    2. If you wish to help LEAP with services we need to know where you
      live and in what areas of your experience you would feel comfortable
      assisting us. Please reply to info@leap.cc or contact Jack Cole at 781-393-6985 or send snail mail to Jack A. Cole, 27 Austin Road, Medford, MA 02155.

      Thanks for your interest. We at LEAP are looking forward to working
      with you to end the horrors of the war on drugs and renew and deepen
      respect for the honorable profession of policing that has been severely
      weakened by the role police have been forced to play in enforcing drug
      prohibition laws. Together we can make a better and safer society by
      serving it in a more efficient and ethical manner.

    Download and Print PDF

    Link To LEAP

    Put a LEAP Banner on your website

    Cut and paste the following code:

    <a href="http://leap.cc/"&gt;
    <img src="http://leap.cc/images/leapbanner.gif&quot; width="460" height="60"
    alt="Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" border="0">



    Cut and paste the following code:

    <a href="http://leap.cc/"&gt;
    <img src="http://leap.cc/images/leapbannblue.gif&quot; width="460" height="60"
    alt="Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" border="0">



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